For my birthday, my mom used to make gulab jamuns. I take it to office & give for everyone. Now it’s my turn to cook special food for my family on birthdays.

Happy Birthday My darling.. 🙂 I cooked 50 Samosas, 47 Fish cutlets & Mint-Coriander chutney for my husband to enjoy his birthday with a small party with his colleagues at office. It took 8 hrs to cook all these (4 hrs in the evening yesterday & 4 hrs early morning today). Ilango was also helping a lot in cutting vegetables for me. I am very happy that he could enjoy the day with his colleagues & they get something different to taste on this special day.

Ilango Birthday Party snacks

Ilango Birthday Party snacks


The food items were finished within few minutes. Everybody liked it very much. They said, it was different & tasty :). Coriander chutney was spicy though.. 🙂

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