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Coming back home with laufrad Coming back home with laufrad
Spring has just begun.. She has started using her laufrad (cycle without pedals) these days. The dress she is wearing was gifted to her by her Babu periappa in Nov2010. That time it was very loose. Now it is exactly fitting to her. Oh.. kids grow up very fast...
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Fasching Party Fasching Party
Dressed like a beetle (kaefer). She belongs to the beetle group & therefore we decided for this costume. She also calls herself as "kaefer" sometimes. 🙂
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Chella Kutty's first shopping Chella Kutty's first shopping
Now she is grown up to start shopping on her own. She was picking up items for her group's common breakfast tomorrow in Kita.
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Albums 1 - 10 out of 10
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