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Kotturpuram Park in 2013

This park was opened approx. 2 years back. We visited this park twice in 2011. The park was in very good condition. All kids playing equipments were in very good condition. After 2 years, we visited this park again last week. The park has been expanded and there are fresh plants and trees planted. But kids playing equipments are in very BAD condition. There are atleast 50 children coming here every day. I don’t understand why no parent is complaining about this bad condition to government authorities.

Here are some photos from the park

My daughter – first school uniform

In India, all students should wear uniform (all students in a similar dress). During this vacation, she will be attending a school. Her first school is “Aalpha Nursery & Primary School”. This school is located close to my parents home. So, it is easy for me to drop & pick her up. Like all children, she cries every day in the morning & gives me 1001 reasons to skip school 🙂

This is her uniform

Our son – Shakti