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Ilakiya 3rd Birthday Photos

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Working in her laptop

Sometimes, I have to work in the evenings at home. A week ago, I was working like this in the evening. My daughter was actually playing something else until I started working. The moment she saw me working in my laptop, she ran into her room & brought her laptop to living room. Sat on the floor, and started tapping on her keyboard. This means she is working 🙂

I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps. Here are they.

Playing in Spielplatz

Gemeinsam FrĂĽhstuck (Common Breakfast Together) at Kita

Now that she is in bigger group (since April 2011), the common breakfast method on Thursdays has changed. In the bigger group (Bärengruppe – Bear Group), 1 parent will bring the complete breakfast items for all children. There are 18 children in the group. So approx, our turn will come every 18 weeks. Though it is not mandatory that the parents do it, it gives lot of fun & happiness to prepare food for small little children :). And yes, today is our turn to do it & it’s the first time we are doing it in bear group.

The specialty here is that the parent will prepare & bring the traditional breakfast of their home country. So, I prepared the traditional Indian break fast – “Dosa with coconut chutneys” & additionally egg omelette & German breakfast items. I am sure, my daughter will teach all the children how to eat dosa with chutney & she likes dosa very much too.

Dosa is full of carbohydrates & no fat. This might be the heavy breakfast they would have ever had in the kita 🙂

Here is today’s gemeinsam frĂĽhstuck menu.
Indian Items
1. Plain Dosa – 19 nos.
2. White – Coconut chutney – I added just 1 chilli
3. Green – Coconut-Coriander chutney – 1 chilli again
4. Egg Omelette – 18 nos.

Kita Indian Breakfast Items

Kita Indian Breakfast Items

German Items
5. Jam (Hazelnut spread) – This is an alternative to chutney if the kids don’t like it.
6. Nutella (Hazelnut spread) – This is an alternative to chutney if the kids don’t like it.
7. 15 Brötchen
8. 6 Croissants
9. 2 Kuchen
10. Sandwich Käse – 3 packs (about 30 slices)
11. Bärchenwurst – 2 packs
12. Salami – 2 packs
13. Wurst (sausages) – 2 packs
14. Paprika – red, green, yellow – 1 each
15. Cucumber – 1
16. Frischkäse – 2 packs
17. Butter
Snacks for evening
18. Apples – 6
19. Banana – 6
20. Grapes – 500 gms
21. Strawberries – 500 gms
22. Liebniz kekse – normal one (without chocolate) – Kita always prefers biscuits without creme or chocolate)
23. Salzstangen – 2 packs
24. Sesamestangen – 1 pack
25. Pretzel – 1 pack


Response from Teachers: The children liked egg omellete & chutneys very much. They ate 10 dosa’s (out of 18) & all omelletes. They had eaten chutney with omellete. Only my daughter took chutney with just dosa. All german food items were over too. 🙂