My best friends in college days were Sudha Santhini (Sudha) & Subbulakshmi (Subbu). Recently, I found some of my school friends in Facebook & while I was thinking about school & college days, an idea struck in my mind to make this post.

Uma, Subbu & Sudha

The girl you see in yellow saree is Subbulakshmi alias Subbu. She is called Gomathi at home. Subbu is very soft-natured, quite student in our class. She solves all fights between me & sudha. Sudha & I fight for no reason and I am little more adamant than her. So sudha will take the help of subbu to break the fight. We sit in the same row in class. We are so thick that we also knew each others parents well.

I still have contact with Sudha but we lost contact with Subbu since the last day of our college. I still remember the last day of our college. Hardly we knew that it would be the last day with subbu too. We promised to meet again after the examination results are published. Sudha went back to her home in dharapuram (place where she lives [near Coimbatore]). After final exam results were published, Sudha & I met again in our college to collect our mark sheets. We couldn’t meet Subbu that day. So I left a note with our lecturer to inform us whenever she comes to college.

Subbu & Me

After about 3 months, I visited the college again & enquired about Subbu. Only then, I knew that she never came back to collect her certificates. This made things curious. I contacted my collegemate “Gayathri” to enquire about Subbu.

Gayathri – She lives close to Subbu’s home (in Anna Nagar). Gayathri’s dad & Subbu’s dad were working in the same company (TVS, Ambattur). Subbu’s dad “Murugaiah” – was also a member of labour union.

Gayathri couldn’t find anything about her. Subbu’s family left the rented-house they were living in few months back itself. So, I contacted my other friend “TS Ramya” who lived in Tirunelveli to check in subbu’s native address (also Tirunelveli). But Ramya also replied back with no useful information. Another friend “Rajalaksmi (Raji)” continued her master-degree in the same college. So she was given the task to let us know about Subbu whenever she comes to the college to collect her certificate. But even after years Subbu did not return back to college.

She had the contact nos of both Sudha & Me. But never contacted us. So I really don’t know what happened after the last day of college. Every time, Sudha & I meet each other, we never forget to discuss about Subbu. Both of us think about her very frequently.

Now it is 10 yrs since we lost her. You would now understand why I chose the title “3 Idiots” for this post. In this movie “3 Idiots”, Aaamir Khan will be found one day by his friends. I hope we could also find her one day..

In case you have seen Subbu somewhere by chance or know where she is, pls let me know. I hope our friend is safe & living happily like us.