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Kotturpuram Park in 2013

This park was opened approx. 2 years back. We visited this park twice in 2011. The park was in very good condition. All kids playing equipments were in very good condition. After 2 years, we visited this park again last week. The park has been expanded and there are fresh plants and trees planted. But kids playing equipments are in very BAD condition. There are atleast 50 children coming here every day. I don’t understand why no parent is complaining about this bad condition to government authorities.

Here are some photos from the park

My daughter – first school uniform

In India, all students should wear uniform (all students in a similar dress). During this vacation, she will be attending a school. Her first school is “Aalpha Nursery & Primary School”. This school is located close to my parents home. So, it is easy for me to drop & pick her up. Like all children, she cries every day in the morning & gives me 1001 reasons to skip school 🙂

This is her uniform

Our son – Shakti


Christmas 2012

Like last year, this year was also great with everyone at Berlin (except my father-in-law) and each one reecived a lot of gifts. I received teadmill, silk saree, products from rituals and body shop. My daughter received all barbie collections such as Barbie Dreamhouse (Castle – 3 floors, 110 cms height), 6 different barbie dolls, 1 Ken with different costumes, 1 Barbie Bedroom set with a barbie doll, 1 barbie child and a formal kleid from Zara. Apart from this, she also received a gold earring, skirt from her appatha (grand mom). Ilakgo got a Casio Watch (worth 600€), Formal Shirt, products from rituals & body shop. Madhavi received a gift voucher worth 100€ from Zalando, 2 Chudidhars, products from rituals & body shop. My Mother-in-law received iPad 4 (this is the highlight gift of this year 🙂 ) and products from rituals.

We had lot of indian food (ONLY non-veg) cooked. Lamb Biriyani, Chicken 65, several raitha’s, Lamb Cutlet (Lamb Cola) etc.We also invited Irfan (Ilango’s Best Friend) on 24th evening to celebrate with us. He

On the whole, this christmas was filled with joy and gifts. Everybody enjoyed it. Here are the photos.


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Mauritius – Day 9 – Sub Scooter under the sea

Mauritius – Day 7 – Botanical Garden, Aquarium, SuperU Shopping Center

Botanical Garden

This garden was very very green with big big trees all around. We found 4 guides (who were looking like Indians). We asked one of them to be our guide. But they denied to come. They prefer to be guides for white people only. We did not like this attitude. These people still live in those old age where white people were considered to have money and dark people to be slaves. Well, these guides were also old people. But still, we did not like it. We just continued exploring the garden ourselves.

At Berlin, we live at a place which is just 2 kms away from Berlin’s Botanical Garden and we have never visited it so far. Berlin Botanical Garden is also very big like this one and has very rare flowers and plants. During summer, there would also be musical events performed at Berlin Botanical Garden. We decided to visit Berlin Botanical Garden after we go back to Berlin.

Mauritius Aquarium

This aquarium was opened in 2005. I have never seen a aquarium so clean and tidy which is free from stinking water smell. They have almost all the rare fishes found in their sea, giant tortoises, small whales too. Worth the visit. Our driver told us that he brings his son frequently here and they feel happy to sit and watch these under water species.

Super U Shopping Center

A big shopping center with open parking space like in U.S.  There are similar shopping center also in India, but with underground parking of course. Super U has a big super market. This is like Walmart at U.S. Chennai would also need one like this in the future..


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Mauritius – Day 6 – Submarine Trip


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Mauritius – Day 8 – Leisure at hotel

We spent the entire day at hotel today. No outing.. We spent the day at the swimming pool. Our daughter was playing the whole day in the pool and in the beach. We relaxed well and also made new friendships with other Guests from Germany.


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Mauritius – Day 5 – South West Tour (Alexandra falls, Black River Gorges, Chamarel(7 coloured earth)

Our daughter does not want to come with us anymore. She only wants to spend her time in the Mini club which has lot of activities for the children.

Today we did south west tour, planned as a full day tour but since we did not go into Casela Park, we came back to the hotel early at around 2:30 PM.

Alexandra Falls:

A huge falls very far away from the viewpoint. From this viewpoint, we could also see 23 colored earth.

Black River Gorges:

It is called Black River becoz the sand is black. Volcanic eruptions had changed the color of sand permanently to black.


This is the highlight of the day. 7 colored earth. Very beautiful. Everyone should definitely visit this place. Much like 23 colored earth actually. There are different views available and you can also get panorama view of the south here.

We then went to Casela Park.. but the next safari drive was at 3:30 PM. Since our daughter was at Mini Club and that she had to be picked up at 5:00, we had to leave Casela Park. Here you have walking with lions (addl charge) and watching animals closer than ever. By walk you could see the birds, monkeys, turtles etc. Since we already had a similar experience in another park day before yesterday, we didn’t want to do that.

On the way back, we stopped at a local shop selling tender coconut and we took one for each. We have also brought 2 back to hotel to take it tomorrow. The coconut is so much tender that she cut it with normal knife.


Photos will be posted after we are back in Berlin.